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Aerial Precision Imagery is an industry leading aerial image collection provider that specializes in Precision Agriculture. With a foundation built on extensive aviation and agricultural knowledge, our imagery solution is compatible with multiple GIS platforms. This makes our data a universal fit serving agricultural, governmental, natural resources and other commercial industries.

We listen to your needs and develop a customized solution to meet those specific requirements. We are continuously improving our skills and technology to maintain a high level of efficiency, all while keeping customer costs low.


Aerial imagery is the collection of images using remote sensing systems with an aircraft. It is an important method for gathering data on geology, land use, agriculture management, forestry, water pollution, natural disasters, urban planning, wildlife management and environmental impact assessments. With the aid of aerial imagery, individuals and businesses are able to gather information and evaluate the data about the land they are using that becomes a vital tool for their land management


Collect Data

Our expert pilots use our fully-equipped fleet to capture high quality data, crystal-clear images with unparalleled positional accuracy.

Generate Maps
Generate Maps

API turns the collected data and images into a variety of high-quality, informational 2D and 3D maps exportable in multiple formats.

Analyze Images
Analyze Data

API leverages our partnerships with industry leading analytic companies to provide relevant solutions and information to our customers.

Manage Fields
Manage Fields

API provides comprehensive tools to personalize your reports and share data, helping you manage your fields and increase efficiency.


With this hi-resolution imagery, our cloud-based analytics platform can provide various granulated agronomy maps. Maps such as nitrogen maps, pest detection, pre-harvest yield maps, and other valuable information.

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