4 Benefits of API Technology for Your Farm

May 8, 2020

API allows farmers to stay on top of their crops and make data-driven decisions. Here are four benefits of using API.

Aerial Precision Imagery (API) is a result of decades of development in collaborative farming. As the technology progresses, additional methodologies are discovered to improve upon the practices of farming in the modern age. As these advancements continue, API will only become more important and impactful in Precision Ag. Farmers are able to the following benefits in partnering with API:

Decrease Waste

API allows farmers to stay on top of their crops and make data-driven decisions. This way, they can identify issues before they waste valuable resources. By adopting data-driven agriculture, farmers can leverage the technology for their own successes. It’s a cost-effective way of acquiring real-time results of land information and data. With the API data, farmers can determine and measure the growth of crops and see the extent of crop infestation. This helps them plan their budget for the correct amount of pesticides and herbicides to be used to avoid wasting monetary resources and labor.

Increase Input Sales

Relating yield increment to mid-season input was difficult to do before the development of API imagery. API shows clients in-season how their mid-season input influences their yield at the end of the season. With API, it’s possible to calculate real ROI from the inputs, taking some of the guesswork out of season planning and budgeting.

Identify Irrigation Issues

Sometimes irrigation issues are detected, but it’s difficult to find the source of the problem. The various layers of API help identify the root causes, so farmers can fix them effectively and efficiently, without wasting time or resources.

Yield High Crops

Finding the exact variable rate (VR) for fertilizer is labor, resource, and time intensive. The values from API images and maps can be used in existing calculators which makes it possible to create a detailed VR prescription from your desk.

The imagery data obtained from using aerial photographs has been a significant help to these farms in determining the numerous factors related to growing, managing and harvesting crops. All of these data elements contribute greatly to ensuring a successful harvest, preventing crop failure and proper soil management.

Partner with API

We have just scratched the surface of a thriving industry with these exciting technological developments and look forward to steady future advancement. Aerial Precision Imagery, LLC delivers high resolution imagery to our customers in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Northern Iowa within 24 hours after completion of the flight. We are always testing and advancing our knowledge on our payloads to bring new data and uses for aerial imagery to our customers. Call us at 1-952-887-1842, or email us at sales@APIFlight.com.