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About Us

API’s proven technique and capability of collecting hi-resolution imagery, coupled with our ability to interface with most analytics platforms, makes API your preferred choice. You can optimize your operations by importing our data into your operating systems.  Our customizable aerial image service, on-demand scheduling and timely collection of your data is unmatched in the industry.

We Pride ourselves on putting the customer first!


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  • Inspired by the bold ideas of drones’ potential uses, especially on agriculture.
  • Joined up with a drone manufacturer and licensed operator and began working on precision agriculture uses for drones and aerial imagery.


  • Conducted field trials using a single fixed-wing drone team that collected aerial imagery in Minnesota and South Dakota and collected over 60,000 acres of data.
  • Evaluated the data from all of the aerial imagery we collected and compared it with harvest and grower data throughout the season.


  • Established Aerial Precision Imagery, LLC after realizing that even though drone usage was the current trend, it was very inefficient.
  • API decided to leverage our 30 plus years of aviation experience by using a manned aircraft with a customized and integrated camera system to make it cost effective.


  • We operate manned aircraft throughout the Midwest.
  • We offer the highest available resolution in the market.