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Our services are designed to be customized for each customer’s needs and requirements. Aerial imagery is a valuable tool to monitor our changing landscape.
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  • We offer both color (RGB) and True Monochrome Near Infrared imaging system.
  • Our technology provides 4-6 cm per pixel resolutions or high-resolution 2-2.5 cm per pixel options, which can be used for detailed analysis.
  • We can take the data we collect and create 2D, 3D, Elevation and other mapping solutions.

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  • We leverage over 30 years of manned aviation experience for the highest-quality images.
  • API conducted over 60,000 acres of research to develop the best quality and most efficient process for precision aerial imaging.
  • We provide our clients a new way to look at their property through the growing industry of high-resolution aerial imaging.
  • We take pride in putting our customers first!

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  • API believes in hard-won integrity, keeping promises and providing quality work on time to every client.
  • We know what it’s like to put in a hard day’s work before noon and respect our client’s time and business.
  • We want to bring the best possible product to business owners around the nation and are always working to perfect our process.


Precision Agriculture

Our Precision Imagery in combination with advanced analytics and the help of your crop consultant, you will maximize the value of the information from our high-resolution imagery. You will realize higher yields. Lower costs and higher efficiencies.

Mining & Quarry Sites

Our Precision Imagery plus our 3D data image data combined with survey information we can calculate elevation of material and key site points. Calculating volumetric of stockpiled and excavated material is also possible. Our precision mapping is the perfect tool to monitor and plan large excavation of sites.

Infrastructure & Planning

The high resolution and efficient collection rates allow us to map even the smallest of pieces in our infrastructure network. This allows a timely and efficient assignment of resources.

Wide Area Mapping

Aerial imagery has endless uses and advantages to aid in land management and natural resource management. Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can help.